Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diablo 3 Character Released


Owing to my lack of tolerance for those who would use magic towards their own nefarious ends, many have assumed that I am averse to the practice of the magical arts on a philosophical level. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My quarrel is with those sorcerers who dismiss the ancient traditions and teachings – teachings that have been honed over millennia in order to preserve respect for authority and the rule of law.

Recently the youth of Caldeum have fallen prey to the overblown stories of just such a delinquent wizard. That is correct: I used the uncouth term wizard, not sorcerer. It seems that even the title of a civilized magic wielder is too restrictive for this young upstart. Through my contacts at the Yshari Sanctum of the mage clans, I am one of the few who actually know the truth behind the rumours now sweeping our streets regarding this hellion who flaunts her magic irresponsibly.
This wizard was sent here to spend her formative years under the tutelage of the best mages in the world. Well, it seems they neglected to teach our wizard manners on her native island of Xiansai, for she was a rude and uncooperative student from the very beginning. Originally under the guidance of the Zann Esu mage clan, she was eventually handed over to the Vizjerei in the hopes that their strict and unbending discipline would break her anarchic spirit. Yet even the esteemalemed Vizjerei instructors were unable to rein her in. She was continually being caught seeking out dangerous and forbidden magic's, heedless of the consequences to herself or anyone around her.
Although there is no truth to the tales that she actually ventured into the infamous Bitter Depths below the Sanctum, she was caught in the Ancient Repositories, where the most dangerous incantations are housed for the safety of the public. When confronted by the great Vizjerei mage Valthek and demanded to account for herself, she brazenly attacked him rather than face the punishment merited by her acts. Exaggerated stories of the battle are already being inflated to mythic proportions by the more rebellious of our city's youth, but suffice it to say that she did not actually best Yshari's most powerful mage in single, honourable combat. The details of the encounter remain unclear, as Valthek has yet to regain consciousness, but it has been verified by reliable sources that she relied on trickery and deceit to bring the great man low. I have also been assured that the extensive property damage was chiefly the result of Valthek's magical prowess, not the upstart wizard's. As to where she is now, no one rightly knows, for she fled the city immediately after the encounter.
It is not my goal to alarm, but I find this situation disturbing. We now have a rebellious wizard, young and inexperienced, wandering the world, dabbling in powerful magic's she does not understand. Those wiser than you or I determined long ago that certain schools of magic were too dangerous and forbade their practice. It is those magic's that this wizard seems determined to explore – magic's centred on manipulating the primal forces from which reality is constructed. Imagine, a headstrong nineteen-year-old youth, able to warp time itself to her will! The thought is truly terrifying. It is my honest hope that this self-styled wizard chooses never to return to Caldeum.

Skill - Disintegrate



Disintegrate is a very powerful skill for a wizard as it can kill enemies from a distance and can kill lots of enemies very quickly without you being touched. This attack will be very good on bosses especially. As they run towards you, you’ll be causing them lots of damage. All this attack does is make your enemies’ body disintegrate slowly and eventually they are reduced to a pile of bones.
Posted by: Madman

Skill - Electrocute



This attack is a chain attack and goes from one enemy to the other till they are all dead. The electricity goes around electrocuting enemies till they are dead. This attack is very useful if you are dealing with large groups of enemies in one place. As you advance your skill, the electrocute time will increase causing more damage.
Posted by: Te-

Skill - Teleport



This attack is also from Diablo 2. The Sorceress can use it to move around quicker, as well as helping avoid the need to open doors. Teleport will be a well used ability for the wizard allowing for a quick escape route when you’re in trouble or to gain some distance ready for a long ranged ability.
Posted by: Umadbro

Skill - Magic Missile

magic missile

Magic Missile

This attack will be very effective especially when used with another attack such as Slow Time. With this combo you’ll be able to slow you enemies’ attacks at the same time shooting your missiles at normal speed. The Magic Missiles are a dark ball which gets shot at your enemy and can be used in rapid succession. The ability alone will cause many players to use the Wizard.
Posted by: Vajownerer

Skill - Slow Time

slow time

Slow Time

This is a great ability. It slows your enemies’ attacks or missiles down within your bubble of protection. This gives you the time to avoid the attack and counter-attack your enemy. All the time, you are able to move about in normal speed, very handy.


In my journey to catalogue the various denizens, civilizations, and fauna of our world, I have travelled far and wide, but never before have I been struck with such dismay as when standing upon the ramparts of the ancient fortress of Bastion's Keep. I came to see firsthand the barbarians, those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat.

Instead, I stand here looking at a mountain that has been torn asunder by some extraordinary force. The sight, I must confess, is incomprehensible. Yet what I see before me cannot be denied.

What truly happened here?
Where are those majestic warriors of old?
Though they were once misunderstood as simple, bloodthirsty invaders, the long and noble history of these proud people is now rightly acknowledged. And therein lies the greater tragedy here, for those of us familiar with the nobility of the barbarians remember too what they call their "vigil", the concept that lay at the very heart of their culture. The barbarians consider it their sworn duty to protect Mount Arreat and the mysterious object within. They believe that if they fail to uphold their duty to the great mount, or are not given a proper burial upon its slopes, they will be denied a true warrior's death, and their spirits shall roam the land without honour for all eternity.
If there are any barbarians left alive, they must truly be without hope. Perhaps this is the genesis of the rumours of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity, but that are in reality nothing more than unreasoning, inhuman beasts. Could the destruction of not only their home but also their very beliefs have actually brought this magnificent race so low?

Skill - Cleave



Cleave is a very quick attack and is very good it because of its speed. Although it's a very simple attack, it can be deadly to all that stands it its way. This attack is one of the best attacks for a barbarian because it can take out a lot of enemies at once. You can identify the attack by its slash of red light. This attack will be the most commonly used for a barbarian because it can wipe out enemies very easily and its speed.
Posted by: Umadbro

Skill - Ground Stomp

ground stomp

Ground Stomp

Ground stomp is also a very effective and useful attack because it also quick but also allows you to jump right into the middle of the fight and knock your enemies flying causing them a great deal of damage or even killing them outright. This attack will then give you time to think about next attack to kill them off.
Posted by: Te-

Skill - Leap



The Leap is quite a good attack because you can jump from place to place slamming down and killing nearby enemies. This attack can be very handy if you are battling a group of enemies who are grouped together because you will be able to kill large quantities at a time, this will make your game more fun to play when you know you can kill lots of enemies at once. This attack can be use as a chain attack when you jump from place to place whilst the rest of your party finishes them off.
Posted by: Tyownerer

Skill - Seismic Slam

seismic slam

Seismic Slam

You would normally use this attack after a Leap when most of your enemies have been killed and you just want to finish them off. This attack can also be used on bosses because as it will get the bosses attention whilst the rest of your party heal and at the same time dealing out a mass of damage. This attack will also be good because it can be done from a distance then as the enemy is coming you can quickly use another attack.
Posted by: Jewmaican

Skill - Whirlwind



As we all know, the Whirlwind was around in Diablo 2. Whirlwind was probably one of the best attacks the barbican could have in diablo 2 and would have been surly missed 


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