Thursday, September 30, 2010

New D3 Class? What do you think?

Well it's my first time ever trying to "guess" at the fifth class, but I do know how many of these are out there. Ranging from deranged killer clown (Sweet Tooth?) to more serious Rogue/Ranger classes. I fall into the category of more serious guesses. Also, I discovered how bad I am at coming up with "clever" names for skill trees. So here it is!(Quoted for highlight)

Class Discussion
Diablo 3 5th Class


Tree 1 - The Bow tree (Some catchy name as it covers both bows and Nature based magics)
**The Scout has spent his/her entire life perfecting the art of killing from afar or not killing at all. A master of both his/her bow and the use of natural magics to enhance his/her chosen weapon.

Tree 2 - Traps (Not unlike the assassin's but following the nature based theme. Also "Traps" is boring... catchy name please)
**The Scout is trained in the use of traps for both evading pursuers, Ambushing key enemies and debilitating would-be combatants.

Tree 3 - The evasion/stealthy tree (Again catchy name needed. Follows the nature theme and gives a possible druid-like element)
**The Scout has also learned a various number of survival skills. Most of which come from the study of various animal life.

Resource - Again... need some catchy name.
** Starts out at a max amount. The maximum amount increase based on character level. The resource is regenerated via killing an enemy or using certain abilities from Tree 1 or Tree 3.

Basically I think this would make an interesting class. If no one likes the Nature theme change it to a mage-like theme and it should work the same lol.

What do you guys think? 


  1. haha Yes I think that would be crazy to implement this character

  2. Gaah I've been waiting for Diablo 3 for ages!

    Maybe Tree 2 could be called Hunter or something, the hunter traps their prey, etc etc..

    Maybe Tree 3 could be called Stalk or something... it seems more naturey than my first idea, 'Sneak'...